Meet The Team

Stephen Comunale80.jpg

Stephen Comunale
Chief Executive Officer
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Mike Modvay80.jpg

Michael J. Moldvay,

Chief Financial Officer
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Dan Scarpitti80.jpg

Dan Scarpitti
Executive Vice President, Mechanical Division
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Sean Caustillac80.jpg

Sean Coustillac
Vice President, Service
& Inspection Division
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JR Fowler80.jpg

J.R. Fowler
Vice President Engineering and Operation Services
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Chuck Galos80i.jpg

Chuck Galosi
Vice President of Operations
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Jeff Robinson80.jpg

Jeff Robinson
Director of Fire Alarm
and Suppression
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Jobina Trimmer80.jpg

Jobina (Jo) Trimmer
Director of Inspections
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preview-full-STEVE HENDRIX.jpg

Steve Hendricks
Director of Sprinkler Operations – Warehouse & Distribution
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Amy Hendricks_80.jpg

Amy Hendricks
Director of Human Resources 
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Geoff Pinkney80.jpg

Geoffrey Pinkney
Safety Director
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