Inland Paperboard

"The service we've received from S.A. Comunale Company, Inc., has been excellent, and the importance of having S.A. Comunale inspect, service, and maintain our sprinklers became even more evident when we had a fire in our plant a few months back. Because the sprinkler system was in good working order due to Comunale's regime of inspection and maintenance, we suffered minimal damage as a result of the fire. I'd like to add that their response time is very, very good, the best, in fact!"
Ed Bragg, Maintenance Manager for Inland Paperboard & Packaging's Streetsboro, OH, plant

Sutliff Apartments

"When a fire ignited in one of our resident's apartments, the sprinkler system served to quickly extinguish what could have become a disaster. The resident's bed caught fire as a result of a lamp being overturned, and the sprinkler, located just above the bed, quickly put out the flames. If the sprinkler had not been in good working condition and not performed to S.A. Comunale's specifications, the fire could have quickly spread to other residents' apartments. We use S.A. Comunale for many reasons, including the fact that they arrive quickly to do a very important job for us."
Mark Steurer, Service Supervisor for Sutliff Apartments in Cuyahoga Falls, OH


"We use S.A. Comunale Company for our sprinkler needs, and they do an excellent job. They conduct all required inspections, servicing, and maintenance on our systems and have proven to be reliable and quick to arrive." Marty Beyner, Plant Manager for Waltco in Tallmadge, OH