Quell Fire Sprinkler System

The Quell Fire Sprinkler System, created by Tyco Fire Products, is used for cold storage, outdoor and unheated warehouse facilities. Comunale is a trained and licensed installer of the Quell system.

The Quell System is designed to “surround and drown” to rapidly reduce the heat release rate. This fire protection approach minimizes damage to storage facilities and valuable goods.

The Quell System offers significant advantages over traditional wet and dry systems.

  • Does not require expensive antifreeze, which can leak and damage storage commodities.
  • Ceiling-only coverage eliminates costly in-rack sprinklers and increases storage array flexibility.
  • Provides fire protection for Class I, II, III and group A plastic commodities.
  • Provides the lowest installation and maintenance costs.
  • Backed by the industry’s best 10-year limited warranty